One to Blow You Away

Album: Ratgrave – RatgraveEssential Tracks: Ein Kola Bitte, Fuzzroll If you like basslines, this ones for you. If you like difference, this ones also for you. If you like dancing, this one is for you, too. Good understanding of music theory and a sucker for complex musical lines? Im telling you, this ones for you. […]

One for When You Just Need to Crack Open that Window in Your Mind

Album: Fresh Air – HOMESHAKEEssential Track: Khmlwugh The sultry guitar intro on “Hello Welcome” is the perfect sound to introduce anyone to the idea of unwinding. Created with the intention of “clearing [the] listener’s mind of negativity”, by the time you’ve listened to all forty three minutes of this album, your mind and the air […]

One for When You Just Need Some Careā„¢

Album: Care – TEMPOREXEssential Track: Lost in a Flower Field After a spacey and calming introduction to the album, titled ‘Hi’, California artist TEMPOREX (Joseph Flores) uses his craft to take the listener (us) on a cosmic experimental journey to joy. Produced and mixed by Tony Splendid, this album, simply put, is a garden of […]

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