Album: Care – TEMPOREX
Essential Track: Lost in a Flower Field

After a spacey and calming introduction to the album, titled ‘Hi’, California artist TEMPOREX (Joseph Flores) uses his craft to take the listener (us) on a cosmic experimental journey to joy. Produced and mixed by Tony Splendid, this album, simply put, is a garden of some of the most beautiful sounds on earth, decorated with ghostly, yet comforting, vocals about the sad concept of love.

Switching between a first and third person narrative, this album switches us (the listener) between needing sympathy and feeling sympathetic, with lyrics depicting all the hopeless things about love that we all relate to. From “You just don’t care / I wish you cared” (Care), to “He misses you, he wants you / But, you just don’t feel the same” (Nice Boys), TEMPOREX is constantly forcing us to feel his feelings, whether it’s from his own perspective or an outsider’s perspective. Yet, despite the constant vocal picture of unrequited love being painted throughout this album, between the cute percussions, mostly major chord progressions being used, and the constant sound of sparkles, this is a certified album to make you feel okay 🙂

With each tack (excluding ‘Nice Boys’) being under three minutes long, it’s an easy album to listen through to, totalling in just about twenty minutes for eleven tracks. Of the eleven, my personal favourite track is ‘Lost in a Flower Field’. With a strong drum entry followed by spacey sounding chords, and again those ghostly-yet-comforting vocals, the first 37 seconds of this song accompanies what we’ve heard already from the album so well, just as on the 37th second, the track is interrupted by an “excuse me” at a pause in the music. As the middle song of the album, my guess is that this was a carefully constructed point in not just the song, but the album as a whole, with the remainder of this song shifting to a slightly different sound. This shift is accompanied by the lyrics “It feels like it doesn’t matter anymore / I’m lost in a flower field again by myself”. Take this metaphor as you so please, but to me this flower field that TEMPOREX is telling us about is that silver lining in the feeling of hopelessness, and maybe that’s what makes this album so beautiful. The metaphors used in throughout all of the lyrics could be applicable to anyone, and can make anyone who needs some care, feel like they have that care.

This is hands down one of my favourite albums in existence. It might not be filled with every piece of music theory that constructs a complex sound, but that’s what makes it so great. It’s so accessible to anyone who needs it, with percussions that sound natural and electronic at the same time, and sneakily great details in the production, this album is gallery worthy artwork. Though I would say this album bares some musical similarity to another one of my favourite albums, Fresh Air by HOMESHAKE, I would say it is a unique piece and would highly reccomend this to anyone.

I particularly recommend listening to this album when feeling hopeless about love, after a breakup, when feeling unmotivated, when stressed (as also recommended by TEMPOREX himself), when you’ve dropped your food on the floor, when all your friends are too busy to hang, or just whenever you’re feeling sad, for whatever reason, I can (almost) promise you, these eleven tracks will make you feel okay again 🙂

Rating: 12/10